Best Wax Liquidizer for Your Needs

The best wax liquidizer is the one that does everything you need it to do and nothing more. That’s a good thing because otherwise, you’ll end up with a machine that does a few things well, but nothing extraordinary. The only way to get an exceptional product like this for less than you would pay for it in a store is to save money and buy online.


There are several things that make the best wax liquidizer different from others. One of them is the temperature range of the appliance. When shopping for a product like this, it’s good to know the actual temperature range that your regular liquidators can work in. You don’t want to purchase a product that can only work in a certain degree. If you’re going to use it, you want a good product that works no matter what the temperature is outside.

Wax liquidizer

Another important feature of the best wax liquidizer is the ease of use. In fact, there are some models on the market that are made solely for easy to use. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to use it or experimenting with the temps. You simply fill up the reservoir with the wax and turn it on. It sucks up the wax and turns it into a liquid so that you can easily pour it into your container.

An additional benefit of the best wax liquidizer is that it provides a high level of safety. Unlike many other home products that can be dangerous when not used properly, these products are designed to provide you with a level of safety. There are some models on the market that allow you to adjust the temperature so that they won’t burn you if you’re using them in the wrong room. Other models will turn off if they aren’t getting enough air flow.

Of course, the best wax liquidizer isn’t the only consideration when choosing one. Another important feature is durability. You need to make sure that it will last for a long period of time. After all, you don’t want to invest money in a product that you’ll have to replace in just a few months. Look for products that are designed to be durable and that come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, you need to consider price. The best wax liquidizer isn’t always the most expensive one. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to purchase something that will get your business going and help to increase the bottom line, you should go for something that’s highly regarded. However, if you just want to be frugal, you can find the best wax liquidizer at a reasonable price.

Your options also include size. Now, if you have a very small business, you’ll have to settle for smaller products. However, if you’re a professional or if you have a large customer base, you might choose a larger one. You’ll be able to cover more areas with one. You just have to make sure that it’ll fit your needs.

Your needs will determine what type of best wax liquidizer you should purchase. It’s up to you to choose one that’s right for you. Take some time to think about the amount of liquid you’ll need, the look you want, and the durability of the product you’re looking at. Once you’ve made the right decision, you’ll be able to get the results you want from your business. Then, everyone will be happy.

There are plenty of ways to save money on the best wax liquidizer. One option is to buy used ones. These won’t offer you as much value, but they’ll save you some cash. If you shop smart, you’ll be able to find some great deals. Plus, you can still get the quality you need.

The best wax liquidizer for you will depend on your needs. You should be able to find a wide range of options in your area. If you have a large customer base, there’s a good chance that you can get some great deals. However, if you don’t, it’ll be hard to get discounts. It all depends on where you shop. However, if you keep your eyes open, you should be able to find the best wax liquidizer for your needs.

In addition, remember to shop around and read customer reviews. You can learn a lot about the product when you read reviews. Remember, you want to get the best wax liquidizer that works right away. If you keep your options open, you’ll be able to find one that you’ll love. When you do, you can start saving money in no time at all!

Game Hacks For PC – Why Do They Scam People?

Are you a PC gamer and looking for game hacks for PC? Well, I have some news for you. If you are one, then you will not find this article too shocking. Truth is, thousands of people around the world are in the same boat as you. Truth is, game hacks for PC can make your gaming experience all the more enjoyable.

Why is it that people who love PC games are constantly on the look out for game hacks for PC? The answer to this question lies in the fact that they are worried about their pirated software becoming outdated. They would be happy if their downloading speeds were increased or their game playing experience became better but, the problem lies in the fact that they get caught by torrent sites. You may think that I am not telling the whole truth. Let’s discuss the root cause behind it.

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The reason why PC gamers look out for game hacks for PC is because their downloading speeds get reduced to a great extent if they download pirated software from torrent sites. When we talk about torrent sites, you will come to know that they are simply junks used by people to rip other people’s movies and music illegally. So, you should understand that game hacks for PC is a way of enhancing your playing capabilities without having to be dependent upon illegal sites.

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So, let us define what torrenting is. Well, torrenting is nothing but using a legal copy of a movie or music file to transfer it over the internet. If you have ever downloaded a movie from a torrent site, then you must know what it is exactly all about. It involves illegal downloading from illegal sites using illegal software.

Game hacks for PC are not the same as torrenting. The main difference between them lies in the fact that we use our own legitimate means to download game hacks for PC. We either use specialized software or connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a special service that can be found with internet providers. It is basically a virtual network that helps us to protect our real IP address and also surf securely on the internet. Therefore, if anyone wants to do us down, they can simply do so using a torrent client.

VPN is used for various purposes, one of them being game hacks for pc. So, when we surf the net, our web browser will return us to our original location. But what happens when we try to connect to a torrent site? Well, there will be a whole lot of pop up boxes which will appear on our screen. These pop up boxes will ask us to pay for their service and at the same time they will tell us to install game hacks for pc onto our computer.

To get rid of this scam, we need to find out how a game hack for PC works. The most common way by which people get their games hacked is through freeware games. These free games are usually supported by an active Ad-ware and spyware. As a result of this excessive presence of these unwanted components, your computer performance gets negatively affected. Thus, you will have to either remove all the freeware games from your system or get a reliable game updater in order to ensure optimum game performance.

The best way to prevent your computer from getting infected is by installing an effective game updater program. This will keep your computer performing at its full potential and you will not have to worry about game hacks for pc infecting your system again. We strongly recommend that you should always opt for an effective game updater program when playing online games. Installing an game updater program is very easy and does not require much time.

The Differences Between Wireless and Wired Home Security Systems

Home security comprises both the technical security hardware installed on a house and people’s personal security practices as well. Home security hardware comprises burglar alarms, security cameras, doors, windows, light detectors, and surveillance camera systems among other things. However, it would be foolish to think that home security is about installing security equipment in every corner of the house. While this is one aspect, there are other factors to consider as well. 

Home Security

For example, security cameras and other equipment must be strategically located in strategic locations in the house so that they can be easily viewed from key points. This way, all areas of the house are covered with security cameras or other equipment. It would also help if each piece of equipment is linked to a remote control panel so that access to the various parts of the house can be done remotely.

As for the people who will use the equipment, it would be smart to educate them about the dangers of intruders so that they can avoid being their victims. Home security systems have features to alert people if someone or something suspicious is about to pass by. In many cases, the intruder sensors have motion sensors. These motion sensors are activated when the person or thing that the alarm has been set off-by-an intruder, walks past the sensor. However, if an intruder knows that the alarm is set off by movement, he will most likely do what he can to get away from the detection, so motion sensors are not always foolproof. For example, a burglar who realizes that the alarm is set off may go outside to wait for a chance to bypass the sensors, thus allowing the potential intruder to move towards an area that does not have a motion sensor, allowing the police to catch him.

Another factor to take into consideration is the possibility of an intruder mirroring the motions of the alarm system. Mirroring can cause confusion and delay the response of the home security system, since the intruder may believe that the alarm has been activated when in fact it has not. The Home Security Systems usually have cameras, but they may not have infrared cameras. Infrared cameras are able to detect movement at a much greater distance than a camera without the need to turn on and off the lighting as often required with other home security systems.

Wireless Home Security Systems is less prone to intruders and is more adaptable to changes in conditions. Wireless home alarm systems are less expensive to install, require no permanent wiring, and are very easy to install. It is also easy to install wireless systems in newly constructed homes. There are two types of wireless alarms-the pendant alarm, which is installed around the clock and is only activated when the alarm is set off; and the bracelet alarm, which is installed around the door frame and the entrance to the house, and is activated whenever the door or window sensor is triggered. The latter alarm types are generally cheaper as well.

Wired Home Security Systems, on the other hand, is a bit more expensive to install, require permanent wiring, and cannot be moved. Wired security systems are used mostly for hard-wired security systems. Wireless security systems are quite convenient and have many additional features that the other systems do not offer. Home Security Systems with monitoring is important to protect homes and families from intruders who have no fear of being detected by a wired security system, as monitoring will help the home security company determines when the alarm is tripped and will alert the monitoring center in the event of an emergency.

Some home security alarms are equipped with emergency dialers or touch-tone phone systems that allow the homeowner to contact the monitoring station in case of an emergency. This feature is a great help during times of burglary or intrusion, where a phone call to the control unit can often save the homeowner’s life. The system will also automatically dial outbound messages such as ‚emergency‘ or ‚fire‘. Some monitored security alarms also have a panic button or another feature that allows a family member to quickly call attention to an impending disaster. These emergency buttons or automated alerts can even be pre-programmed to play certain sounds depending on whether the home is currently being burglarized or if smoke is starting in the house.

Home Security Systems with monitoring will help ensure that your family and loved ones are properly protected. Many states require some form of false alarm verification to be installed in homes, although the exact requirements vary from state to state. Most states consider a false alarm to be an unnecessary addition to the protection of the residence and are typically not enforced when alarms are set off by false alarms. In order to ensure your family’s safety, it is important to ensure the security of your home with a Home Security System that has all of the bells and whistles that make it truly effective.

Fidelity i Goldman Sachs składają wniosek do SEC o Bitcoin ETFs

  • Zarówno Fidelity jak i Goldman Sachs złożyły wnioski do SEC o Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Byłby to duży krok naprzód dla rynku, zwiększający jego dostępność.
  • Inne kraje, takie jak Kanada, już zatwierdziły ETF-y, sygnalizując rosnącą popularność.

Fidelity Investments i Goldman Sachs złożyły wnioski o dopuszczenie Bitcoinowych funduszy ETF do amerykańskiej Komisji Papierów Wartościowych i Giełd (SEC).

Zarówno Fidelity Investments, jak i Goldman Sachs złożyły w amerykańskiej Komisji Papierów Wartościowych i Giełd wnioski o dopuszczenie do obrotu giełdowego (ETF) Bitcoina. Goldman Sachs złożył wniosek 19 marca, podczas gdy Fidelity złożył go kilka dni później, 24 marca.

W przypadku powodzenia, firmy te oferowałyby fundusz, który śledzi cenę Bitcoina z giełd zlokalizowanych w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Wiele firm od ponad roku stara się o zatwierdzenie ETF w USA i od dawna było to oczekiwane przez rynek.

Analitycy uważają, że jest to tylko kwestia czasu, zanim ETF zostanie zatwierdzony i rzeczywiście tak się wydaje, jeśli do gry wchodzi tak duży operator jak Goldman Sachs. John Davi z Astoria Portfolio Advisor stwierdził, że to tylko kwestia czasu, zanim to się stanie.

Do tej pory władze USA wahały się, czy zezwolić na Bitcoin ETF. Obejmuje to nieudaną próbę podjętą przez należący do Winklevossów Gemini Exchange, który zbudował reputację jako zgodny z przepisami.

Fidelity ma nadzieję na Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust

Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust czerpie dane z Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, itBit i Kraken, niektórych z największych amerykańskich giełd. Zgłoszenie zwraca uwagę na ryzyko związane z inwestowaniem w kryptowaluty, ale także wskazuje na innowacyjny potencjał.

W oświadczeniu przesłanym pocztą elektroniczną do Bloomberga, Fidelity powiedział,

„Ekosystem aktywów cyfrowych znacznie się rozwinął w ostatnich latach … coraz szerszy zakres inwestorów poszukujących dostępu do Bitcoin podkreślił potrzebę bardziej zdywersyfikowanego zestawu produktów oferujących ekspozycję na aktywa cyfrowe.“

W zgłoszeniu czytamy, że FD Funds Management będzie sponsorem funduszu, a administratorem będzie Fidelity Service Company. Fundusz ten został po raz pierwszy ujawniony przez Fidelity w sierpniu 2020 r.

Goldman’s ARK Innovation ETF

Tymczasem Goldman Sachs ARK Innovation Fund oferuje ekspozycję na Bitcoina i inne kryptowaluty. W zgłoszeniu czytamy,

„Fundusz ETF może mieć ekspozycję na kryptowaluty, takie jak bitcoin, pośrednio poprzez inwestycję w grantor trust. Ekspozycja funduszu ETF na kryptowaluty może zmieniać się w czasie i w związku z tym taka ekspozycja może nie zawsze być reprezentowana w portfelu funduszu ETF.“

Sformułowanie tutaj jest bardziej nieśmiałe niż w przypadku Fidelity, ale jasne jest, że Goldman stara się zaoferować wschodzące aktywa. Być może w nadchodzących tygodniach będziemy mieli więcej jasności w tej kwestii.

Międzynarodowy bank inwestycyjny wykonał zwrot w sprawie kryptowalut. Niedawno analitycy banku celowali w cenę 146 tysięcy dolarów za Bitcoina, choć spodziewają się, że osunie się ona niżej. Otworzył on również ponownie swoje biurko handlu kryptowalutami i może nawet wypuścić własną kryptowalutę.

Er køb af Bitcoin nu det samme som at købe BTC i oktober 2020?

De sidste par uger har mildt sagt været ustabilt for Bitcoin. Det digitale aktiv har været vidne til en prissvingning, der har varieret over $ 15.000 og ramt en højde på $ 58.000, før den faldt ned så lavt som $ 43.000.

Mens aktivet har opretholdt en værdi på $ 50.000 + på pressetiden, var mange spekulative, om de skulle købe ind i BTC i denne særlige periode. Inden man springer til konklusioner, kan nogle af de underliggende fakta give mere klarhed.

Negativt sentiment for Bitcoin; Endnu et købsignal?

Ved at dykke ind i nuværende indikatorer antydede Santiment-data, at på trods af at Bitcoin hoppede over $ 50.000 i løbet af den sidste dag, er negativ stemning eller baisse kommentar i øjeblikket på sit højeste niveau siden 1. oktober 2020. Markedsoptimisme udledte, at sådanne negative zoner historisk set har været lukrative købsperioder for Bitcoin, da aktivet er gået i gang med rally fremover.

Mens disse fakta taler for sig selv, er vi nødt til at undersøge andre målinger for en detaljeret sammenligning. Lad os først analysere GBTC-præmien.

Der er et betydeligt skøn mellem GBTC-præmien i oktober 2020 og marts 2021. Præmien tildelt GBTC den 1. oktober var 6,92%, hvilket er steget til 15,37% den 9. oktober. Det gik under 10% indtil februar 2021, og i øjeblikket ligger præmien negativt. En negativ præmie for GBTC kan spekuleres i at være mindre ideel for institutionelle investorer, der søger eksponering gennem gråtoner.

GBTC premium dikterer dog bestemt ikke retningen, men markedsstrukturen kaster måske mere lys.

Start af bull-run; Slut på bull-run?

Som illustreret i diagrammet ovenfor havde Bitcoin registreret en betydelig konsolideringsperiode i intervallet $ 10k – $ 12,5k før rallyet, der startede i oktober 2020. Ikke kun viste det sig at være en grundlæggende prisbase for aktivet, men det også fået fart på markedet. Sandsynligheden for, at prisen stiger, var mere end prisen, der faldt dengang.

Lige nu er Bitcoin i en position, der er nået bag på et enormt rally. Det gik forbi flere modstande på vej til $ 50.000 +, men det er sandsynligt at forvente en korrektion herfra.

Branchen led allerede en for et par uger tilbage, men det eliminerer ikke chancen for en anden.

Fordelen ved tvivlen?

For at være retfærdig, hvis aktivet er en del af en længere bullish cyklus, forbliver chancerne for, at det stiger i løbet af de næste par måneder, gyldige. Siden slutningen af 2020 har kortvarige indehavere og langvarige indehavere også udvekslet dominanspositioner, hvor detailvolumen muligvis kører rallyet fremad i sidste fase af 2021.

Som det ses, ville kortvarige indehavere sandsynligvis tage større kontrol over den samlede forsyning end langtidsholdere, og det kunne muligvis være en passende periode at investere i Bitcoin igen. Det er dog stadig langt fra et indlysende valg, og det er mere som at kaste terningerne på et bestemt tidspunkt med stress på ordet ‚bestemt‘.

Iota unshakeable, Ethereum and Litecoin correct more sharply

Iota unshakeable, Ethereum and Litecoin correct more sharply

The three altcoins analysed, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and IOTA (MIOTA), are largely unimpressed by the price correction of the main Bitcoin (BTC) currency. The MIOTA price, in particular, is currently very high and may rise once again in a weekly comparison.

Ethereum (ETH): Reaching the highest level of all time leads to making a profit Price (ETH): 1,214 USD (previous week: 1,243 USD)

Price (ETH): 1,214 USD (previous week: 1,243 USD)

Price analysis based on the pair of ETH/USD values in Bitfinex

After the price of Ether reached its historic high of 1,440 USD at the beginning of the week, there was a temporary drop in the price to 1,049 USD overnight. Meanwhile, the bulls were able to Bitcoin Future stabilize the price at the first major resistance and raise it back above the EMA20 (red) to 1,139 USD.

Bullish variant (Ethereum):

The price of Ether continues to show bravery. Although the price corrected by 23% during a significant wave of sales in the general market in the meantime, new buyers have already been found above USD 1,000 and have secured a bullish reversal back to USD 1,185. With this, Ethereum once again defended the EMA20 (red) daily. If the price of Ether rises again above the 161 Fibonacci extension at USD 1,303 and thus jump back above the broken green bullish trend line, it is conceivable an all-time high. If there are enough followers in the 1,440 USD area to dynamically move the price of Ether above the all-time high at 1,425 USD, the 200 Fibonacci extension at 1,591 USD will surface.

If this resistance is also overcome, one can expect a follow-up of the 261 Fibonacci extension at USD 2,057. Here, investors are likely to make profits once again. If Ethereum also breaks above the USD 2.057 resistance in the coming weeks, the next target price will be activated at USD 2.811 (361 Fibonacci extension). If the interest in Ethereum remains high in the coming months and the price of Ether also exceeds USD 2,811, a medium term march up to USD 3,277 and a maximum of USD 3,565 is also conceivable. For now, these two price targets should be seen as maximum chart marks for the next six months.

Variant Bearish (Ethereum)

If Ethereum, on the other hand, corrects significantly down again in the area of 1,303 USD, but at most to 1,440 USD, and forms a double top, the 1,042 USD support will come up again. A drop below the EMA20 (red) in the daily closing price should later lead to a run up to the previous week’s low of $922. If this support is not maintained, a correction to USD 837 is expected. In this area, the old high of 2018 can be found.

If this mark on the chart is also undercut in the daily closing price, the price will immediately be corrected towards 747 USD. Currently, this is the EMA100 (yellow) as well as the breakout level from January 2, 2021. If bears can also dynamically undercut this support area in the course of a weak bitcoin price, a correction extension to USD 675 and USD 640 is conceivable. If the price of Ether does not stabilize in a sustainable way also in these supports, the price could set as a target the maximum price going down in the EMA200 area (blue) at USD 579 in the coming weeks.

Indicators (Ethereum)

The RSI corrected back to the neutral zone between 45 and 55 yesterday, Thursday 21 January, and is currently classified as neutral. The MACD indicator has also activated a new sell signal daily. On a weekly basis, both indicators are now also tending somewhat southwards and are reducing their overbought conditions. For now, however, both indicators still have a weekly overbought signal pending.
Litecoin (LTC): LTC Price Aims to Hit Old High of 144 USD

Price (LTC): 140 USD (previous week: 149 USD)

    • Resistance/target: 144 USD, 156 USD, 163 USD, 186 USD, 190 USD, 219 USD, 245 USD, 265 USD


Chinesische staatliche Medien glauben, dass der BTC-Preisanstieg nur ein „Hype“ ist, während sie die Blockade loben

Zwei staatliche chinesische Medien haben eine kurze Nachricht veröffentlicht, in der sie die Bürger dazu auffordern, sich mehr auf die Blockkettentechnologie zu konzentrieren als auf den „Hype“ des jüngsten Preisanstiegs bei Profit Revolution auf breiter Front.

Chinas Regierung wird sich auf Blockketten konzentrieren

Sowohl Sina als auch Xinhuanet haben erklärt, dass die jüngste Rallye der BTC-Preise keine klare Erklärung hat. Stattdessen sagten die Reporter hinter dem Artikel, Mao Zhenhua und Zhang Xiaohui, man solle sich auf eine blockkettenfreundliche Staatspolitik konzentrieren.

In dem kurzen Artikel stellt die staatliche Presseagentur sicher, dass die Menschen „allmählich das Potenzial der Blockkettentechnologie erkennen und dass technologischer Fortschritt und regulatorische Begleitung Hand in Hand gehen“. Dies steht im Einklang mit der negativen Haltung des Staates gegenüber der Welle des Interesses an BTC und Altmünzen.

Der Artikel fügt hinzu, dass der Krypto-Handel zwar immer noch eine Investitionsmethode darstellt, die nur „Unsicherheit“ erzeugt, die Blockkettentechnologie sich jedoch auf einem „schmalen rechten Pfad“ befindet, dessen Ergebnisse in Zukunft „vollständig realisiert“ werden.

Es ist zwar nicht das erste Mal, dass größere staatliche chinesische Medien die BTC-Preise erwähnen, aber sie haben sich in der Vergangenheit aus der Erwähnung oder Berichterstattung über Krypto-Währungen innerhalb ihrer redaktionellen Linie herausgehalten.

Bitcoin und andere Aktivitäten im Zusammenhang mit Kryptowährungen sind aufgrund des scharfen Vorgehens des Landes gegen die Industrie im Jahr 2017 praktisch an den Rand gedrängt worden.

Die chinesische Regierung geht auch weiterhin an ihre Grenzen, um den digitalen Yuan vollständig zur Realität werden zu lassen, da die People’s Bank of China (PBoC) am 20. Oktober einen Gesetzesentwurf veröffentlichte, der ihrer zentralen digitalen Währung (CBDC) Rechtsstatus verleiht.

Interesse an Bitcoin schießt in die Höhe

Nicht nur haben die Bitcoin-Preise in diesem Jahr signifikante Höchststände erreicht, sehr nahe an der 20.000-Dollar-Schwelle, auch laut Google Trends hat das Interesse an dem Begriff „Bitcoin“ ein 18-Monats-Hoch erreicht. Das letzte Mal, dass das Interesse ein solches Niveau erreichte, datiert auf Mitte Juni 2019, während das Allzeithoch bei den Suchanfragen im Februar 2018 erreicht wurde.

Was halten Sie von der Haltung der staatlichen chinesischen Medien zur BTC? Lassen Sie es uns im Abschnitt „Kommentare“ unten wissen.

Bill Miller: Risk förknippad med BTC försvinner när priset blir större

Bill Miller – en värdeinvesterare – är en av bara många som verkar ha ändrat sin låt på bitcoin . Det brukade vara så att bitcoin var en extremt oroande, potentiellt till och med farlig tillgång att investera i med tanke på hur flyktig den var. Det brukade vara så att bitcoin var en valuta som var allmänt utsatt för påverkan på marknaden utanför marknaden och som lätt kunde manipuleras.

Bill Miller på Bitcoin – När det blir större går risken ner

Men Miller har sagt att varje gång bitcoin strävar efter ett högre pris , försvinner en del av den risken. Han säger att så länge bitcoin fortsätter att röra sig uppför den finansiella stegen blir det mindre och mindre farligt för vardagliga handlare.

I en intervju nyligen kommenterade han:

Det blir mindre risk ju högre det går. Det är motsatsen till vad som händer med de flesta aktier. Bitcoins totala utbud växer mindre än två procent per år, och det är uppenbart av priset att efterfrågan växer mycket, mycket snabbare än så. Så länge det uppnås kommer bitcoin sannolikt att gå högre och kanske betydligt högre.

I skrivande stund handlas bitcoin för över 40 000 dollar för andra gången denna månad. Det ser ut som om de hausseartade trender som tillgången har haft under det senaste halvåret kommer att fortsätta, vilket innebär att ännu mindre risk kommer att förknippas med den valuta som beviljats Millers ord är korrekta.

Som grundare och verkställande direktör för Miller Value Partners förklarade han vidare att även om han inte kan förutsäga exakt var BTC kommer att vara under de kommande veckorna eller månaderna, har han idéer om var det kan gå och hur högt det kan komma. Han förklarade:

Jag tror att bitcoin … antagligen borde vara upp till 50 procent till 100 procent härifrån under de kommande 12 till 18 månaderna, och om du frågar mig över eller under, skulle jag verkligen säga att det skulle vara mycket mer sannolikt att vara högre än lägre.

Förbli medveten om volatilitet

Han uppgav dock vidare att även om bitcoin har varit ganska solid för sent, är volatilitet inte en sak från det förflutna, och investerare måste vara försiktiga eftersom det fortfarande i hög grad är ett giltigt hot som kan få ner bitcoin – eller någon form av krypto – när som helst. Han nämnde:

Jag tror att om du inte kan ta det, borde du förmodligen inte äga bitcoin. Tillgången tenderar att röra sig i sprut, som tenderar att följas av korrigeringar. Jag tror att det har skett tre korrigeringar på 80 procent, vilket är normalt i denna typ av ganska tidig teknik med en ganska stor total adresserbar marknad.

Miller har ägt bitcoin i flera år och hävdade ursprungligen i en 2018-intervju med CNBC att han hade börjat köpa enheter ungefär tre eller fyra år tidigare. Sedan början av september har bitcoin lagt till cirka 230 procent till sitt pris.

Especialistas: as saídas de ouro estão empurrando o Bitcoin para cima

As perspectivas do ouro parecem esmaecer com o brilho do Bitcoin

De acordo com vários especialistas, uma possível razão para o notável aumento recente do preço do Bitcoin são as saídas maciças de investidores de outro hedge popular contra a inflação: o ouro.

O ouro à vista desmaiou na semana passada, caindo 4,62%, para US $ 1.857

O ativo anteriormente vinha crescendo em uníssono com o Bitcoin, que aumentou mais de 40% em relação aos US $ 28.000 da semana passada .

Em um tweet na sexta-feira, Charlie Morris, fundador e CIO da ByteTree Asset Management, disse que a retração do ouro pode ser atribuída aos investidores que estão mudando para o Bitcoin:

Da mesma forma, no início da semana, o apresentador do Mad Money, da CNBC, Jim Cramer, disse que as saídas de ETFs de ouro „vão para a criptografia“. O rastreamento de entradas e saídas do fundo de investimento Bitcoin da escala de cinza e ETFs de ouro confirma esta afirmação, já que a escala de cinza eclipsou o ouro:

Os movimentos podem ser um sinal do crescente status do Bitcoin como uma classe de ativos legítima. Ouro e Bitcoin há muito estão ligados, já que ambos são vistos como uma forma de proteger a riqueza contra a inflação e a incerteza macroeconômica, mas se os movimentos de preços na última semana forem uma indicação, no entanto, o Bitcoin pode estar vencendo a corrida narrativa.

Em uma entrevista à Bloomberg, o diretor de receita da Coinshares, Frank Spiteri, disse que a narrativa em torno do Bitcoin como uma proteção contra a inflação está ganhando espaço “em face de um ambiente de política monetária altamente não convencional”.

Le légendaire gestionnaire de fonds Bill Miller : Bitcoin : „Moins il y a de risques, plus il y en a“.

Vendredi dernier (8 janvier), le légendaire investisseur américain William H. Miller III a parlé de Bitcoin lors d’un entretien avec Kelly Evans à l’émission „The Exchange“ de CNBC.

Miller est le fondateur, le président et le directeur des investissements de la société d’investissement Miller Value Partners, ainsi que le gestionnaire de portefeuille des fonds communs de placement „Opportunity Equity“ et „Income Strategy“ de la société.

Avant de créer Miller Value Partners, Bill Miller et Ernie Kiehne ont fondé Legg Mason Capital Management, et ont travaillé comme gestionnaires de portefeuille du Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust depuis sa création en 1982.

Il est important de souligner que Miller n’est pas un gestionnaire de fonds ordinaire. Comme CNBC l’a noté en juin 2018, les 15 années de succès de Miller (jusqu’en 2005) sur le S&P 500 restent un point de référence auquel aucun gestionnaire actif ne peut toucher“.

Dans sa „4Q 2020 Market Letter“ (publiée le 5 janvier), Miller a dit ceci à propos de Bitcoin :

„Au moment où j’écris ces lignes, il se négocie à plus de 31 000 dollars, soit une hausse de plus de 50 % depuis la mi-décembre. Il a surpassé toutes les principales classes d’actifs au cours des 1, 3, 5 et 10 dernières années. Sa capitalisation boursière est supérieure à celle de JP Morgan et de Berkshire Hathaway, et pourtant elle est encore très précoce dans son cycle d’adoption.

„La Fed poursuit une politique dont l’objectif est de faire en sorte que les investissements en espèces perdent de l’argent en termes réels dans un avenir prévisible. Des sociétés telles que Square, MassMutual et MicroStrategy ont investi des liquidités dans des bitcoins plutôt que de garantir des pertes sur les liquidités détenues dans leur bilan. On estime que Paypal et Square, à eux seuls, achètent pour le compte de leurs clients la totalité des 900 nouveaux bitcoins extraits chaque jour.

„À ce stade, il est préférable de considérer le bitcoin comme de l’or numérique, mais il présente de nombreux avantages par rapport au métal jaune. Si l’inflation reprend, ou même si elle ne reprend pas, et que davantage d’entreprises décident de diversifier une petite partie de leur trésorerie en bitcoin plutôt qu’en espèces, alors le flux relatif actuel en bitcoin deviendrait un torrent. Warren Buffett a qualifié le bitcoin de „mort-aux-rats“. Il pourrait bien avoir raison. Le bitcoin pourrait être de la mort-aux-rats, et le rat pourrait être de l’argent liquide“.

Evans a commencé l’interview de vendredi dernier en demandant si Miller était aussi excité maintenant (avec des bitcoins se négociant autour de 40 000 dollars) qu’au début du mois de novembre 2020 (quand les bitcoins se négociaient à moins de 15 000 dollars), c’est-à-dire la dernière fois qu’ils ont parlé.

Miller a répondu :

Oh, absolument. L’une des choses intéressantes avec Bitcoin, c’est qu’il devient moins risqué à mesure qu’il monte. C’est le contraire de ce qui se passe avec la plupart des actions… L’OCC va permettre à toutes les grandes banques et banques d’investissement de conserver ou d’acheter et de vendre des bitcoins, vous ne pouvez pas faire cela à l’une d’entre elles. Elles sont donc autorisées à le faire, mais elles ne l’ont pas encore fait parce que je pense qu’elles sont concernées, mais chaque jour Bitcoin est une histoire d’offre et de demande.“

Il y a 900 nouveaux Bitcoins créés chaque jour. On estime que, PayPal et Square, leurs clients sont les seuls à les acheter, et l’offre totale de Bitcoin augmente de moins de 2 % par an, et il est évident d’après le prix que la demande augmente beaucoup plus vite que cela„.

Evans a ensuite demandé à Miller dans quelle mesure le prix de Bitcoin Bank est susceptible d’augmenter.

Miller a répondu :

Le bitcoin a tendance à se déplacer par à-coups, qui ont tendance à être suivis de corrections. Je pense qu’il y a eu trois corrections de 80 %, ce qui est normal dans ce type de technologie très précoce avec un marché total adressable très important, mais pour ceux qui attendent le retrait, ils l’ont obtenu au premier trimestre [de 2020]. Vous auriez pu acheter Bitcoin à quel prix quatre ou cinq mille dollars au premier trimestre…

En ce qui concerne la volatilité des prix de Bitcoin, M. Miller a déclaré

Il faut s’attendre à ce qu’il soit très, très volatil„, a déclaré M. Miller à CNBC. „Si vous ne pouvez pas supporter la volatilité, vous ne devriez probablement pas l’assumer. Mais sa volatilité est le prix que vous payez pour ses performances„.