Best of the Week: Bitcoin at US$ 23,000, app gives free cryptomoedas and the new business of ‚wizard‘ Ronaldinho Gaucho

Everything that happened most important this week in the cryptomoedas and blockchain markets in Brazil and the world.

Three years later, Bitcoin noted a new record price this week, and again in December. According to data from Cointelegraph Markets, the largest cryptomeda hit $23,511 last Thursday, after breaking the $20,000 a day earlier.

In Brazil and in several parts of the world, new highs were also noted against the national currencies. The Brazilian maximum, with the dollar trading at an average of $ 5.10 this week, was $ 118,523. also at the peak of Thursday.

The Bitcoin Trader Market noted the level of R$ 125,000 as a likely sales barrier to the country’s currency.

In addition to the BTC, the other main crypto currencies followed the upward movement. Ether rose to a peak of US$ 672 and the XRP hit US$ 0.64. Ripple’s cryptomoeda, however, corrected and seems again stuck at the US$ 0,50-0,57 level.

Despite the similarities with December 2017, the current rally seems more consistent and mature. Driven by buying pressure from major institutional investors, Bitcoin broke its correlation with other assets in 2020 and rose in the middle of the pandemic. The high of the year so far is more than 200%.

Cryptomoedas by geolocation

The most read article of Cointelegraph Brasil in the week talked about the WeNano application, which is already a success in other countries in the world and now has attracted interest by distributing cryptomoedas in more than a hundred Brazilian cities by geolocation.

She also had the news of the man who „found“ a R$ 2 note with the Bitcoin symbol and a QR Code.

Another trader told his story, saying that he entered with 81 Bitcoins in the Brazilian NoxBitcoin and ended with 167 BTC using leverage.

The digital bank of the Exchange Mercado Bitcoin, MeuBank, announced that it registered R$ 500 million in transactions and will ask the Central Bank to become a payment institution.

Brazil is already one of the largest countries in the global cryptomarket. Chainalysis has placed Brazil in 13th place in cryptomarket adoption worldwide

Traditional markets also drew attention with the US CME stock exchange launching ‚water futures‘, with the Itaú bank already entering the trade in Brazil.

The resurgence was also the star Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who spent a good part of 2020 imprisoned in Paraguay for ideological falsehood. Back in the country, Ronaldinho announced that he is investing in a music and alcoholic beverages company.

Another mathematician revealed that he used algebra principles to make a „trade“ in the lottery and win US$ 26 million.

The Central Bank also defined the data intelligence company Quod to fight fraud in Pix.

The Inter Bank was in the news for other reasons: the bank was convicted in a case involving a financial pyramid.

A number of Brazilian YouTube channels were invaded this week by hackers promoting crypto fraud.

And speaking of pyramids, there were news in the cases of Atlas Quantum and Unick Forex. The Unick Forex leader, Leidimar Lopes, can spend the end of the year wearing an electronic anklet.

Finally, Atlas Quantum has not presented defenses in cases against the company in court and has been sentenced in absentia.