AC Repair – Ask the Contractor in Garland

„I’ve saved money by hiring a qualified repair contractor in Garland.“ says Alex and Xavier Masonry, owners of Masonry Contractors. „We’ve built several homes here and we always get the best results when our contractors are highly-knowledgeable and responsive.“ They have had some experience with home remodeling but wanted to develop a business that would provide more than just contracting services for their clients. And, they wanted to be located in an area with great education and job availability – and, of course, low cost.

As their client, you are always in control of the process and have the satisfaction of knowing your home is being done right. Whether it’s new roof construction or simple repairs around the house, you get to choose from many different ways of doing things. And, you get it all done right the first time. It makes your home truly yours.

„We need someone with the knowledge and expertise to oversee all phases of construction,“ says Alex. „We need someone who is detail oriented, able to communicate with a wide variety of people, detail oriented and personable.“ And, he adds, „Who doesn’t like to save money?“ This is precisely why you need a professional, detail-oriented air conditioner repair supervisor – someone who can get estimates on ac solar installation or replacement, roof shingles, chimney repairs and replacement, and much more – straight to your specifications.

The first time you see your new roof it may seem like a huge hassle. But, the good news is that if your AC Contractor in Garland can make things go right on that roof, the same goes for the roof shingles. „You want a guy who will listen to your ideas and get them done right,“ says Alex. A great contractor will not only help you with ideas about your new roof, he or she will work with you in getting the roof shingles replaced – both inside and out.

The first step that your AC Repair Contractor in Garland should take is to inspect the project. In that manner, the professional can learn exactly what is wrong, what needs to be repaired, and what needs to be replaced. This is critical. „He or she can help guide you through the entire process and even give you options about how to go about it,“ says Matt.

Once the AC Repair Contractor in Garland has inspected the roof and performed a thorough inspection of the area surrounding the ac installation – such as chimney, attic and downspouts – they can start making decisions about what needs replacing and what can be left alone. For example, says Alex, „the attic fans could use a little tune-up.“ Likewise, downspouts should be cleaned and any debris removed. „A lot of times people put plywood on the wall and call it a wall. It’s just a barrier.“

Your AC Repair Contractor in Garland will know exactly what options exist to get your project off to a great start. „We have a number of different methods of insulation. It depends on where the unit is located and what kind of unit it is. We can do things differently on an aluminum versus a copper fan.“ By listening closely to your AC Repair Contractor in Garland, you’ll learn what’s available and what will best work with your situation.

On the job site, your AC Repair Contractor in Garland should always be ready to answer questions – and happy to discuss the details. Remember, this is his or her job and he or she has probably been working on similar jobs for years. They’re used to it, understand it and can give you tips that can save you time and money. „I don’t mind answering questions,“ he says, „as long as they’re related to the job.“